Open 3D Engine AzFramework API Reference  2305.0
O3DE is an open-source, fully-featured, high-fidelity, modular 3D engine for building games and simulations, available to every industry.
AZ::IO::ZipFile::CDRFileHeader Struct Reference

Public Types


Public Attributes

uint32_t lSignature {}
uint16_t nVersionMadeBy {}
uint16_t nVersionNeeded {}
uint16_t nFlags {}
uint16_t nMethod {}
uint16_t nLastModTime {}
uint16_t nLastModDate {}
DataDescriptor desc {}
uint16_t nFileNameLength {}
uint16_t nExtraFieldLength {}
uint16_t nFileCommentLength {}
uint16_t nDiskNumberStart {}
uint32_t lAttrExternal {}
uint32_t lLocalHeaderOffset {}

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr uint32_t SIGNATURE = 0x02014b50

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