Open 3D Engine Atom Gem API Reference  23.05.0
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AZ::RHI::FrameGraphBuilder Class Referenceabstract

Inherited by AZ::RHI::FrameScheduler.

Public Member Functions

GetAttachmentDatabase ()=0
virtual ResultCode ImportScopeProducer (ScopeProducer &scopeProducer)=0

Member Function Documentation

virtual FrameGraphAttachmentInterface AZ::RHI::FrameGraphBuilder::GetAttachmentDatabase ( )
pure virtual

Returns the frame graph attachment builder, which allows the user to declare global attachments.

Implemented in AZ::RHI::FrameScheduler.

virtual ResultCode AZ::RHI::FrameGraphBuilder::ImportScopeProducer ( ScopeProducer scopeProducer)
pure virtual

Imports a scope producer into the frame graph. Scope producers are prepared in the order they are imported, however the compile phase runs a topological sort based on the attachment and explicit scope dependencies.

Implemented in AZ::RHI::FrameScheduler.

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