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AZ::RPI::ShaderAsset Class Referencefinal

Inherits AZ::Data::AssetData, ShaderVariantFinderNotificationBus::Handler, and AssetInitBus::Handler.

Public Member Functions

 AZ_RTTI (ShaderAsset, "{823395A3-D570-49F4-99A9-D820CD1DEF98}", Data::AssetData)
const Name & GetName () const
 Returns the name of the shader.
RHI::PipelineStateType GetPipelineStateType () const
 Returns the pipeline state type generated by variants of this shader.
const Name & GetDrawListName () const
const ShaderOptionGroupLayoutGetShaderOptionGroupLayout () const
 Returns the shader option group layout.
ShaderOptionGroup GetDefaultShaderOptions () const
 Returns the default shader option values.
SupervariantIndex GetSupervariantIndex (const AZ::Name &supervariantName) const
const AZ::Name & GetSupervariantName (SupervariantIndex supervariantIndex) const
 If a Supervariant with such index doesn't exist, returns the default supervariant name "".
Data::Asset< ShaderVariantAssetGetVariantAsset (const ShaderVariantId &shaderVariantId, SupervariantIndex supervariantIndex)
Data::Asset< ShaderVariantAssetGetVariantAsset (const ShaderVariantId &shaderVariantId)
ShaderVariantSearchResult FindVariantStableId (const ShaderVariantId &shaderVariantId)
Data::Asset< ShaderVariantAssetGetVariantAsset (ShaderVariantStableId shaderVariantStableId, SupervariantIndex supervariantIndex) const
Data::Asset< ShaderVariantAssetGetVariantAsset (ShaderVariantStableId shaderVariantStableId) const
Data::Asset< ShaderVariantAssetGetRootVariantAsset (SupervariantIndex supervariantIndex) const
Data::Asset< ShaderVariantAssetGetRootVariantAsset () const
const RHI::Ptr< RHI::ShaderResourceGroupLayout > & FindShaderResourceGroupLayout (const Name &shaderResourceGroupName, SupervariantIndex supervariantIndex) const
 Finds and returns the shader resource group asset with the requested name. Returns an empty handle if no matching group was found.
const RHI::Ptr< RHI::ShaderResourceGroupLayout > & FindShaderResourceGroupLayout (const Name &shaderResourceGroupName) const
const RHI::Ptr< RHI::ShaderResourceGroupLayout > & FindShaderResourceGroupLayout (uint32_t bindingSlot, SupervariantIndex supervariantIndex) const
 Finds and returns the shader resource group layout associated with the requested binding slot. Returns an empty handle if no matching srg was found.
const RHI::Ptr< RHI::ShaderResourceGroupLayout > & FindShaderResourceGroupLayout (uint32_t bindingSlot) const
const RHI::Ptr< RHI::ShaderResourceGroupLayout > & FindFallbackShaderResourceGroupLayout (SupervariantIndex supervariantIndex) const
 Finds and returns the shader resource group layout designated as a ShaderVariantKey fallback.
const RHI::Ptr< RHI::ShaderResourceGroupLayout > & FindFallbackShaderResourceGroupLayout () const
AZStd::span< const RHI::Ptr< RHI::ShaderResourceGroupLayout > > GetShaderResourceGroupLayouts (SupervariantIndex supervariantIndex) const
 Returns the set of shader resource group layouts owned by a given supervariant.
AZStd::span< const RHI::Ptr< RHI::ShaderResourceGroupLayout > > GetShaderResourceGroupLayouts () const
const RHI::PipelineLayoutDescriptorGetPipelineLayoutDescriptor (SupervariantIndex supervariantIndex) const
 Returns the pipeline layout descriptor shared by all variants in the asset.
const RHI::PipelineLayoutDescriptorGetPipelineLayoutDescriptor () const
const RHI::Ptr< RHI::ShaderResourceGroupLayout > & GetDrawSrgLayout (SupervariantIndex supervariantIndex) const
 Returns the shader resource group asset that has per-draw frequency, which is added to every draw packet.
const RHI::Ptr< RHI::ShaderResourceGroupLayout > & GetDrawSrgLayout () const
const ShaderInputContractGetInputContract (SupervariantIndex supervariantIndex) const
 Returns the ShaderInputContract which describes which inputs the shader requires.
const ShaderInputContractGetInputContract () const
const ShaderOutputContractGetOutputContract (SupervariantIndex supervariantIndex) const
 Returns the ShaderOuputContract which describes which outputs the shader requires.
const ShaderOutputContractGetOutputContract () const
const RHI::RenderStatesGetRenderStates (SupervariantIndex supervariantIndex) const
 Returns the render states for the draw pipeline. Only used for draw pipelines.
const RHI::RenderStatesGetRenderStates () const
AZStd::optional< RHI::ShaderStageAttributeArguments > GetAttribute (const RHI::ShaderStage &shaderStage, const Name &attributeName, SupervariantIndex supervariantIndex) const
 Returns a list of arguments for the specified attribute, or nullopt_t if the attribute is not found. The list can be empty which is still valid.
AZStd::optional< RHI::ShaderStageAttributeArguments > GetAttribute (const RHI::ShaderStage &shaderStage, const Name &attributeName) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void Reflect (ReflectContext *context)
static uint32_t MakeProductAssetSubId (uint32_t rhiApiUniqueIndex, uint32_t supervariantIndex, uint32_t subProductType)
static SupervariantIndex GetSupervariantIndexFromProductAssetSubId (uint32_t assetProducSubId)
static SupervariantIndex GetSupervariantIndexFromAssetId (const Data::AssetId &assetId)

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr char DisplayName [] = "Shader"
static constexpr char Extension [] = "azshader"
static constexpr char Group [] = "Shader"
static const ShaderVariantStableId RootShaderVariantStableId
 The default shader variant (i.e. the one without any options set).


class ShaderAssetCreator
class ShaderAssetHandler
class ShaderAssetTester
class Shader

Member Function Documentation

◆ FindVariantStableId()

ShaderVariantSearchResult AZ::RPI::ShaderAsset::FindVariantStableId ( const ShaderVariantId shaderVariantId)

Finds the best matching shader variant and returns its StableId. This function first loads and caches the ShaderVariantTreeAsset (if not done before). If the ShaderVariantTreeAsset is not found (either the AssetProcessor has not generated it yet, or it simply doesn't exist), then it returns a search result that identifies the root variant. This function is thread safe.

◆ GetDrawListName()

const Name & AZ::RPI::ShaderAsset::GetDrawListName ( ) const

Returns the draw list tag name. To get the corresponding DrawListTag use DrawListTagRegistry's FindTag() or AcquireTag() (see RHISystemInterface::GetDrawListTagRegistry()). The DrawListTag is also available in the Shader that corresponds to this ShaderAsset.

◆ GetSupervariantIndex()

SupervariantIndex AZ::RPI::ShaderAsset::GetSupervariantIndex ( const AZ::Name &  supervariantName) const

Returns the supervariant index from the specified name. Note that this will append the system supervariant name from RPI::ShaderSystem when searching.

◆ GetVariantAsset() [1/2]

Data::Asset< ShaderVariantAsset > AZ::RPI::ShaderAsset::GetVariantAsset ( const ShaderVariantId shaderVariantId,
SupervariantIndex  supervariantIndex 

This function should be your one stop shop to get a ShaderVariantAsset. Finds and returns the best matching ShaderVariantAsset given a ShaderVariantId. If the ShaderVariantAsset is not fully loaded and ready at the moment, this function will QueueLoad the ShaderVariantTreeAsset and subsequently will QueueLoad the ShaderVariantAsset. The called will be notified via the ShaderVariantFinderNotificationBus when the ShaderVariantAsset is loaded and ready. In the mean time, if the required variant is not available this function returns the Root Variant.

◆ GetVariantAsset() [2/2]

Data::Asset< ShaderVariantAsset > AZ::RPI::ShaderAsset::GetVariantAsset ( ShaderVariantStableId  shaderVariantStableId,
SupervariantIndex  supervariantIndex 
) const

Returns the variant asset associated with the provided StableId. The user should call FindVariantStableId() first to get a ShaderVariantStableId from a ShaderVariantId, Or better yet, call GetVariant(ShaderVariantId) for maximum convenience. If the requested variant is not found, the root variant will be returned AND the requested variant will be queued for loading. Next time around if the variant has been loaded this function will return it. Alternatively the caller can register with the ShaderVariantFinderNotificationBus to get the asset as soon as is available. This function is thread safe.

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