Open 3D Engine Atom Gem API Reference 23.10.0
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AZ::RHI::HeapMemoryUsage Struct Reference

#include <MemoryUsage.h>

Public Member Functions

 HeapMemoryUsage (const HeapMemoryUsage &)
HeapMemoryUsageoperator= (const HeapMemoryUsage &)
bool CanAllocate (size_t sizeInBytes) const
 This helper function checks whether a new allocation is within the budget.
void Validate ()
 Helper function to validate sizes.

Public Attributes

size_t m_budgetInBytes = 0
float m_fragmentation { 0 }
AZStd::atomic_size_t m_totalResidentInBytes { 0 }
AZStd::atomic_size_t m_usedResidentInBytes { 0 }
AZStd::atomic_size_t m_uniqueAllocationBytes { 0 }
AZStd::string m_extraStats

Detailed Description

Tracks memory usage for a specific heap in the system. The data is expected to adhere to the following constraints: 1) Reserved <= Budget (unless the budget is 0). 2) Resident <= Reserved.

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