Open 3D Engine Atom Gem API Reference  23.05.0
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AZ::RPI::PipelineViews Struct Reference

#include <RenderPipeline.h>

Public Attributes

PipelineViewTag m_viewTag
PipelineViewType m_type
PassesByDrawList m_passesByDrawList
AZStd::vector< ViewPtrm_views
RHI::DrawListMask m_drawListMask
 Combined DrawListTags collected from passes which are associated with this pipeline view.

Detailed Description

PipelineViews contains information about views used by the passes in the RenderPipeline. If view type is persistent, list of views is limited to just one view

Member Data Documentation

AZStd::vector<ViewPtr> AZ::RPI::PipelineViews::m_views

Views associated with the m_viewTag. There should be only one view in the array if m_type is persistent. And there might be more than one views if m_type is transient.

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