Atom Renderer

Welcome to the Atom Documentation! Atom Renderer is the graphics engine powering Open 3D Engine (O3DE). Check out the video below for a quick overview of some of Atom’s features. Then, read on to learn more about creating beautiful, high performance graphics with Atom!

What is Atom?An introduction and high-level overview of Atom.
Setting Up Atom ProjectsAtom is already built into O3DE, but you can set up these projects to learn about Atom’s features.
Atom Sample ViewerPreview Atom’s rendering features through a series of samples, such as global illumination and multi-scene rendering.
FeaturesLearn about graphics features and rendering techniques that Atom provides.
Look DevelopmentLearn about materials, the Material Editor, textures, shaders, and color in Atom.
Developer GuideLearn about Atom’s render pipeline, the Material-, Shader-, and Pass Systems, and AZSL shader programming.
GlossaryA collection of terminology used in the Atom Documentation.