Developer Guide

This section provides a deeper technical read into the systems and interfaces underlying the Atom Renderer.

Frame RenderingThe frame rendering process describes how a scene is processed from Render Components, through Render Passes in the RPI, and to the RHI.
Render PipelinesAn overview of Atom’s pre-built render pipelines, and their supported features.
Material SystemThe material system processes materials and material types and builds them into assets to use in the simulation.
Shader SystemThe shader system processes shaders written in AZSL (Amazon Shading Language) and builds them into shader assets that can be used in your project.
Render Pipeline Interface (RPI)The Render Pipeline Interface (RPI) contains the main interface for developers to program the render pipeline.
PassesThe pass system transforms data from a scene into a final rendered output.
Render Hardware Interface (RHI)The Render Hardware Interface (RHI) provides a low-level interface that abstracts platform-specific code.
TroubleshootingA guide to troubleshoot graphics processing unit (GPU) crashes in Atom Renderer.