Setting Up Atom Projects

Get to know the Atom Renderer and its features by setting up an Atom project with the Open 3D Engine. This tutorial covers how to set up two Atom projects: Atom Test and Atom Sample Viewer.

  • Atom Test: This project contains a collection of levels that demonstrates Atom’s features in the O3DE Editor.
  • Atom Sample Viewer: This project is a standalone application that is intended for developers and engineers who want to test out Atom’s individual features. Although you will not run the O3DE Editor, O3DE is still required to build this project.


Before setting up the Atom projects, you must have the O3DE engine installed on your computer. Follow the instructions in the Setup section of the Get Started Guide to set up O3DE.

Setting up the Atom projects

This tutorial uses the following project name and directories in the examples:

  • O3DE engine directory: C:\o3de
  • Atom Test project directory: C:\AtomTest
  • Atom Sample Viewer project directory: C:\AtomSampleViewer
  • Package directory (created earlier during setup ): C:\o3de-packages

Clone project repos

To get a local copy of the Atom projects, you must clone their repository from GitHub. For best practice, clone the repo into a directory outside of the O3DE repository.

Atom Test
git clone C:\AtomTest
Atom Sample Viewer
git clone C:\AtomSampleViewer

Update the local project repos

The community is continuing to update the Atom project repositories. This step ensures your local copy has the latest updates from the Atom repositories.

In a command line window, navigate to the directory of the Atom repository and pull the latest changes from origin/main into your branch.

Atom Test
cd C:\AtomTest
git pull origin main
Atom Sample Viewer
cd C:\AtomSampleViewer
git pull origin main

Generate CMake project

Use CMake to generate a Visual Studio solution, which is used in the next step to build the Atom project.

Atom Test
cmake -B "C:\AtomTest\build" -S "C:\AtomTest" -G "Visual Studio 16" -DLY_3RDPARTY_PATH=C:\o3de-packages
Atom Sample Viewer
cmake -B "C:\AtomSampleViewer\build" -S "C:\AtomSampleViewer" -G "Visual Studio 16" -DLY_3RDPARTY_PATH=C:\o3de-packages

Register project to O3DE

This step is for the Atom Test project only.

Register the Atom Test project to add it to the list of known projects in the O3DE manifest, located at <user-directory>/.o3de/o3de_manifest.json.

Atom Test
C:\o3de\scripts\o3de.bat register --project-path C:\AtomTest

Build and run

Atom Sample Viewer

  1. Open the solution file AtomSampleViewer.sln in Visual Studio.
  2. In the Solution Explorer panel, navigate to the project AtomSampleViewer/Standalone/AtomSampleViewerStandalone. Right-click it and choose Build.
  3. When the project is done building, you can find the build files in the directory C:/AtomSampleViewer/build/bin/profile. From there, you can launch AtomSampleViewerStandalone.exe.

You are all set up to explore Atom with the Atom Sample Viewer project! Check out the Atom Sample Viewer section to learn about the graphics samples provided.

Atom Test

  1. Use CMake to build the project launcher, O3DE Editor, and Asset Processor. The following command builds using the profile configuration. When specifying the Editor as a build target, the Asset Processor will be built too, since it is a dependency of the Editor.

    cmake --build "C:\AtomTest\build" --target AtomTest.GameLauncher Editor --config profile -- -m
  2. When the project is done building, you can find the build files in the directory C:\AtomTest\build\bin\profile. From there, you can launch Editor.exe, AssetProcessor.exe, and other tools.

You are all set up to explore Atom with the Atom Test project! Check out the Atom Gem’s component reference in the O3DE User Guide to learn how to use the components in the Atom Test project.

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