Projects made to test a game idea, generaly over the span of a week. They are a good way to see how to make quick projects with O3DE.

ImageLinkDescriptionLast Updated
Planet survival A top-down point and click game where you must collect fuelO3DE 23.10.3. April 28, 2024
Newspaper delivery A third person action game where you must deliver as much newspaper as possibleO3DE 23.10.3. April 28, 2024
Gnomebodys Home A first person puzzle game where you must find golden gnomes to continue forwardO3DE 23.10.3. April 28, 2024

Community curated

ImageLinkDescriptionLast Updated
Loherangrin’s O3DE Jam 2305 A top down exploration game using C++ scriptingO3DE 23.10.3. April 28, 2024