Error Messages in Toasts

In O3DE, toasts are non-disruptive notifications that are displayed ovre most elements in a page on the bottom-right corner of the window. They are non-distruptive because they can be displayed in the middle of a user’s workflow without hindering the user’s actions.

The following example demonstrates a toast that appears at the bottom-right corner of the O3DE Animation Editor window.

Example of a floating toast in the O3DE Animation Editor

Using standard icons

Toasts convey the message’s intent and must correspond with an appropriate icon to provide a consistent experience for the users. The following image shows toasts of different message intents: error/failure, warning, success, and information.

Refer to the following table to determine what icon to use in your toast, depending on the message’s use case.

Floating Toasts - Decision Table


Floating Toasts - Messages


Review these specifications when creating a toast:

  • Toasts are passive and non-disruptive messages. They shouldn’t hinder the user’s workflow.

  • Write clear and concise messages. Toasts can show only up to two lines.

  • Toasts must disappear after three seconds (or a maximum of five seconds). An exception is if the message includes a link that requires the user to take action for the toast to disappear.

  • Don’t stack multiple toasts such that they are side-by-side vertically or horizontally, as this may block the user’s workflow. Instead, display multiple toasts sequentially and in order of importance.

  • Use one of the following icons from the list of Standard icons : error/failure, warning, success, or information icon.

  • The toast must have a fixed width and should not expand to fit the content area.

  • Toasts cannot contain a call-to-action button.

  • Toasts must appear above page content and on a screen where overlay layers are appropriate.

  • Toasts must not be used within a modal. Consider using them within larger systems like O3DE Editor, Material Editor, Viewport, and so on.

Floating Toast Messages - Best Practices

UI dimensions

Icon Size24 x 24px
Border Radius6px
FontOpen Sans
Line Height16px

Floating Toast, marked up

Toasts that contain links in the subtitle text must do the following:

  • Persistantly display and don’t automatically disappear, unlike a standard toast.

  • Display a manual close button.

  • Point outside the system, not to another part of the application as this might disrupt the user’s workflow. For example, you can link to an external web address: “Check out tutorials on how to create a material here, <link>.”

Floating Toasts - Messages with Links

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