Asset Processor

Asset Processor starts automatically with Open 3D Engine (O3DE) Editor, and runs as a background process. Asset Processor provides many asset related functions including the following:

  • Detect new or updated source assets.
  • Send Create Jobs requests to appropriate Asset Builders.
  • Schedule process jobs provided by Asset Builders.
  • Manage the process job queue.
  • Provide status, logs, and messages about asset process jobs.
  • Place generated product assets and related data in the Asset Cache.
  • Send notifications when product assets have been updated so they can be hot reloaded by O3DE Editor, tools, and runtimes.
  • Provide tools to retrieve information about source assets and product assets.
  • Track source dependencies, job dependencies, and product dependencies.

With Asset Processor, a Launcher can be run on a target platform without deploying assets to that platform. Instead, the assets are accessed from the Asset Cache on a connected host platform. Asset Processor communicates through a USB connection with mobile target platforms using proxy requests.

On a host platform, connections between Asset Processor and O3DE Editor are automatically maintained.

When you launch software that requires an Asset Processor connection, such as the O3DE Editor or Launcher in a non-release configuration, Asset Processor is automatically launched. If Asset Processor has been launched this way, it automatically shuts down when you close the Editor or Launcher.


Symbolic links are not supported when using Asset Processor. To ensure that Asset Processor works properly, follow these guidelines:

  • Do not use a symbolic link for your Asset Cache directory.
  • Do not use symbolic links for scan directories.
  • Use a unique Asset Cache directory.
  • Do not share the Asset Cache directory with another host platform that is also running Asset Processor.

Asset Processor topics

InterfaceLearn to navigate Asset Processor’s interface, and how to read the status of process jobs.
Asset Processor BatchUse Asset Processor batch to batch process the source assets for a project in an automated build system.
ConfigurationConfigure Asset Processor by setting options in the AssetProcessorPlatformConfig.setreg configuration file.
Faster ScanningLearn how Asset processor determines when assets should be processed and how to set Asset Processor’s scanning mode.
Skip Startup ScanLearn to skip startup checks for assets modified while AssetProcessor was closed.
DebuggingLearn several methods you can use to debug Asset Processor issues.
Move AssetsLearn how to move assets to new directory locations in O3DE while maintaining internal references.
Asset Cache ServerLearn how to enable the Asset Processor to cache assets in order to reduce asset processing for a team.
SettingsLearn how to use advance settings to control Asset Processor and Asset Processor Batch.

Asset Processor Contributing Topics

These topics cover information needed to contribute changes to the Asset Processor, and are not necessary for using the Asset Processor.

Asset DatabaseFind out about the Asset Database, and how the Asset Processor tracks the work it’s completed.