Customize Texture Processing with Texture Settings

Texture source assets must be processed as optimized streaming images for use in Open 3D Engine (O3DE). With Texture Settings you can specify how the texture source assets you create in third-party applications are processed. Several source image formats are supported, and there are many texture processing presets provided for various use cases. You can use naming conventions to automatically select a texture processing preset, and use the options provided by Texture Settings to view, troubleshoot, and fine-tune the texture processing results.

Texture Settings creates a .assetinfo sidecar file containing your custom processing options for a texture source asset. The source asset is not changed. When Asset Processor processes the source asset, it uses the options in the .assetinfo file to generate product assets.

Texture Settings topics

The topics in this section provide information about the image file types supported by Texture Settings and the Texture Settings user interface.

Texture Asset GuidelinesInformation on image formats supported by O3DE and guidelines for creating texture source assets.
Texture Settings User InterfaceAn overview of the Texture Settings user interface.
Texture PresetsTechnical information including name conventions for texture settings presets.