Bloom Component

The Bloom component creates bloom, a post-processing effect that simulates real-world light bleeding, or glow.


Atom Gem


PostFX Layer component


Bloom component interface

Bloom properties

Enable BloomIf enabled, activates the bloom effect.BooleanDisabled
Overrides - Enabled OverrideIf enabled, all Bloom component properties will be set to the values specified in the Overrides property group.BooleanEnabled
ThresholdBloom effect applies only to pixels with a brightness value greater than this threshold.Float: 0.0 to Infinity1.0
KneeCreates a gradual transition between the pixels below and above the threshold. This softens and spreads the bloom effect.Float: 0.0 - 1.00.5
IntensityScales the intensity of the bloom effect.Float: 0.0 - 10000.00.5
Enable BicubicIf enabled, applies bicubic filtering. This can help reduce undesired artifacts that may appear.BooleanDisabled
Kernel Size ScaleScales the size of the kernel.Float: 0.0 - 2.01.0
Kernel Size 0 to 4Smooths the kernel size by a percentage of the render target’s width. For example, a kernel size of 0.04 translates to a 4-by-4 kernel on a 100-by-100 pixel image and a 40-by-40 kernel on a 1000-by-1000 pixel image. Larger values causes more scattering at a higher cost of computation. The maximum kernel size is 128.Float: 0.0 - 1.0Kernel Size
  • 0: 0.04
  • 1: 0.08
  • 2: 0.16
  • 3: 0.32
  • 4: 0.64
Tint 0 to 4Adds a color tint to each bloom stage. Bloom stages are additively blended to produce the final result.Vector3: 0 - 255X: 255. Y: 255, Z: 255