HDRi Skybox Component

The HDRi Skybox component creates a skybox in your scene by using a cubemap texture. A cubemap texture, or skybox, is an image source asset that’s used to light the scene. The image is made of data per pixel per channel, which represents the number of exposure values (EV), or HDR stops.


Atom Gem


The HDRi Skybox and Physical Sky components are interchangeable skybox solutions. If you have both components or multiples of one component, only the first active skybox will render.


HDRi Skybox interface

HDRi Skybox properties

Cubemap TextureA cubemap texture that HDRi Skybox supports.A .streamingimage product asset.
ExposureScales the intensity of the exposure. The exposure value unit is EV100 (an EV with 100 international standards organization (ISO)).Float: -20.0 - 20.00.0

Rotate skybox

To rotate the skybox in the O3DE Editor, adjust the Rotation property in the entity’s transform.

Rotate the skybox