Post-processing Modifier Components

Post-processing effects (PostFX) such as Bloom and Depth of Field are controlled in Open 3D Engine (O3DE) by PostFX modifier components. With PostFX modifier components, you can assign PostFX to layers and define their volume, area, and weight by shape, gradient, or radius. In O3DE, this set of configurations is known as a PostFX volume. A PostFX volume describes an entity that contains a PostFX Layer component, a PostFX modifier component, and a shape.


PostFX LayerControls how PostFX modifiers are applied in a scene. The PostFX modifier components below require a PostFX Layer.
PostFX Gradient Weight ModifierModifies the weight of PostFX based on a gradient provided by another entity.
PostFX Shape Weight ModifierDefines a volume by using a Shape component and modifies the weight of PostFX within the volume. The PostFX’s weight remains constant within the volume and begins to fall off outside of the volume.
PostFX Radius Weight ModifierDefines a sphere based on a radius from the origin of the entity and modifies the weight of PostFX based on the camera’s position within the radius.


Post-processing Effects in Open 3D Engine