PostFX Layer Component

The PostFx Layer component controls how post-processing effects (PostFX), such as Bloom, Deferred Fog, and Depth of Field, are applied in a scene. For example, you can control how various PostFX blend or set which cameras are affected by the PostFX layer.


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Base properties

PostFX Layer base properties

Layer CategorySpecifies the layer where PostFX Layer components exist.Layer Category elementDefault
Priority in DefaultA priority value that determines the order of this component when blending with multiple PostFX. PostFX Layers with the same Layer Category cannot have the same priority.0 to 200
WeightManually interpolates the weight of the effect of a PostFX Layer when blending with other PostFX Layers. 0 is the weakest weight and 1 is the strongest. Other Post Processing Volume components can also modulate the weight of this PostFX Layer.0.0 to 1.01.0
Select Camera Tags OnlyOnly camera entities containing the specified tags are affected by this PostFX Layer.Tag elementEmpty
Excluded Camera TagsCamera entities containing the specified tags aren’t affected by this PostFX Layer.Tag elementEmpty

Using Layer Categories

Each PostFX Layer component must be assigned to a Layer Category. Each Layer Category is a key-value pair with a 64-bit integer value that ranks its priority, with 0 being the highest priority. When multiple PostFX Layers are active, they are sorted first by Layer Category value, then by their Priority in Default value within their assigned Layer Category.

To update the preset Layer Category list:

  1. Open Asset Editor form the Tools menu.

  2. In Asset Editor, go to FileOpen.

  3. Search for default.postfxlayercategories and open it in Asset Editor.

  4. Click the Layer Categories Caret to expand the list.

  5. Click the Add button.

  6. Provide a Layer Category key (name) and choose OK to add a new Layer Category to the list.

  7. Modify the Layer Category value if necessary. The default value is 0 which makes this new Layer Category top priority.

  8. In Asset Editor, choose Save from the File menu or press Ctrl+S to save your changes.

You can also create a new Layer Category List.

  1. In Asset Editor, go to FileNewPostFx Layer Categories.

  2. Add a new Layer Categories to the list following the steps above.

  3. In Asset Editor, choose Save from the File menu or press Ctrl+S to save your changes.

Using Camera Tags

You can include or exclude Cameras from a PostFX Layer component through Tag components applied to camera entities. The specified tags in the Select Camera Tags Only and Excluded Camera Tags properties must match the camera entity’s Tag component.

In this example, the PostFX Entity has a PostFX Layer component that only affects camera entities that have the tag MainCamera. This affects Camera Entity, which has the MainCamera tag.

Using camera tags with PostFX Layer

Using camera tags with PostFX Layer

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