Audio RTPC Component

The Audio RTPC component provides basic Real-Time Parameter Control (RTPC) functionality. An RTPC is a named variable that the audio system can interpret in many different ways. It allows game developers to set the value from the game at run time to produce real-time tweaking of sounds.

Audio RTPC Component Properties

The Audio RTPC component has the following property:

Default Rtpc Enter the name of the audio RTPC to use by default. You can associate any RTPC name with the entity, typically one that is meant to affect a particular trigger.

EBus Request Bus Interface

Use the following request functions with the EBus interface to communicate with other components of your game.

For more information about using the Event Bus (EBus) interface, see Working with the Event Bus (EBus) system .


Sets the value of the default RTPC.

Parameters value - Float value of the RTPC

Return None

Scriptable Yes


Sets the value of the specified RTPC.

Parameters rtpcName - Name of the RTPC to set value - Float value to set

Return None

Scriptable Yes