Audio Switch Component

The Audio Switch component provides basic Audio Translation Layer (ATL) switch functionality. With switches (and switch states), you can specify the state of an entity. The audio middleware interprets states, modifies the behavior of sounds, and plays the appropriate sounds.

Audio Switch component

Audio Switch Properties

Default SwitchEnter the name of the audio switch to use by default. You can associate any audio switch with the entity.<Empty>
Default StateEnter the name of the audio switch state to use by default. Use the Audio Controls Editor to assign the state to the switch. When this component is activated, the Default Switch is set to the Default State.<Empty>

EBus Request Bus Interface

Use the following request functions with the EBus interface to communicate with other components of your game.

For more information about using the Event Bus (EBus) interface, see Working with the Event Bus (EBus) system.

SetStateSets the specified state of the default switch.stateName - Name of the state to setNoneYes
SetSwitchStateSets a specified switch to a specified state.switchName - Name of the switch to set; stateName - Name of the state to setNoneYes