Gradient Transform Modifier Component

The Gradient Transform Modifier component transforms gradient coordinates into a space relative to a shape, with options to override that shape’s transform, rotation, and scale.


Gradient Signal Gem


When applying Gradient Transform Modifier to an entity, the entity is required to have one of the following components:

Gradient Transform Modifier properties

Gradient Transform Modifier component properties

Transform TypeSets how the space coordinates of shape transforms are interepreted.Origin, World Transform, Relative to Parent, World Transform (of Reference), or Relative to ReferenceWorld Transform
Wrapping TypeSets how values outside of the gradient’s bounds are evaluated.None (unbounded), Clamp To Edge, Clamp To Zero, Mirror, or Repeat.None (unbounded)
Frequency ZoomRescales gradient coordinates by a multiplication factor.Float: 0.0001 to Infinity1.0
Advanced ModeEnables advanced configuration options for the transform modifier.BooleanDisabled

Advanced properties

Sample in 3DIf Enabled, UVW mapping is based on three-dimensional world space.BooleanDisabled
Allow ReferenceIf Enabled, the bounds and transform provided by the attached Shape component are overridden by the entity selected in Shape Reference.BooleanDisabled
Shape ReferenceSets an entity with a valid shape component to override the attached Shape component.EntityIdNone
Override BoundsIf Enabled, the bounds of the gradient are set manually in Bounds.BooleanDisabled
BoundsSets the local (untransformed) bounds of a box used to remap, wrap, clamp, and scale gradient coordinates.Vector3: -Infinity to InfinityX:1.0, Y:1.0, Z:1.0
Override TranslateIf Enabled, the translation of the gradient is set manually in Translate.BooleanDisabled
TranslateSets the translation of the shape used to remap, wrap, clamp, and scale gradient coordinates.Vector3: -Infinity to InfinityX:0.0, Y:0.0, Z:0.0
Override RotateIf Enabled, the rotation of the gradient is set manually in Rotate.BooleanDisabled
RotateSets the rotation of the shape used to remap, wrap, clamp, and scale gradient coordinates.Vector3: -Infinity to InfinityX:0.0, Y:0.0, Z:0.0
Override ScaleIf Enabled, the scale of the gradient is set manually in Scale.BooleanDisabled
ScaleSets the scale of the shape used to remap, wrap, clamp, and scale gradient coordinates.Vector3: 0.0001 to InfinityX:1.0, Y:1.0, Z:1.0


Use the following request functions with the GradientTransformModifierRequestBus EBus interface to communicate with Gradient Transform Modifier components in your game.

Method NameDescriptionParameterReturnScriptable
GetAllowReferenceReturns the value of Allow Reference.NoneBooleanYes
GetBoundsReturns the value of Bounds.NoneBounds: Vector3Yes
GetFrequencyZoomReturns the value of Frequency Zoom.NoneMultiplication Factor: FloatYes
GetIs3DReturns the value of Sample in 3D.NoneBooleanYes
GetOverrideBoundsReturns the value of Override Bounds.NoneBooleanYes
GetOverrideRotateReturns the value of Override Rotate.NoneBooleanYes
GetOverrideScaleReturns the value of Override Scale.NoneBooleanYes
GetOverrideTranslateReturns the value of Override Translate.NoneBooleanYes
GetRotateReturns the value of Rotate.NoneRotation: Vector3Yes
GetScaleReturns the value of Scale.NoneScale: Vector3Yes
GetShapeReferenceReturns the value of Shape Reference.NoneShape Entity: EntityIdYes
GetTransformTypeReturns the value of Transform Type.NoneTransform Type Index: IntegerYes
GetTranslateReturns the value of Translate.NoneTranslation: Vector3Yes
GetWrappingTypeReturns the value of Wrapping Type.NoneWrapping Type Index: IntegerYes
SetAllowReferenceSets the value of Allow Reference.BooleanNoneYes
SetBoundsSets the value of Bounds.Bounds: Vector3NoneYes
SetFrequencyZoomSets the value of Frequency Zoom.Multiplication Factor: FloatNoneYes
SetIs3DSets the value of Sample in 3D.BooleanNoneYes
SetOverrideBoundsSets the value of Override Bounds.BooleanNoneYes
SetOverrideRotateSets the value of Override Rotate.BooleanNoneYes
SetOverrideScaleSets the value of Override Scale.BooleanNoneYes
SetOverrideTranslateSets the value of Override Translate.BooleanNoneYes
SetRotateSets the value of Rotate.Rotation: Vector3NoneYes
SetScaleSets the value of Scale.Scale: Vector3NoneYes
SetShapeReferenceSets the value of Shape Reference.Shape Entity: EntityIdNoneYes
SetTransformTypeSets the value of Transform Type.Transform Type Index: IntegerNoneYes
SetTranslateSets the value of Translate.Translation: Vector3NoneYes
SetWrappingTypeSets the value of Wrapping Type.Wrapping Type Index: IntegerNoneYes