Simple Network Player Spawner Component

In an Open 3D Engine (O3DE) networking multiplayer project, the Simple Network Player Spawner level component implements a basic setup for handling OnPlayerJoin and OnPlayerLeave events, which the IMultiplayerSpawner interface of the Multiplayer Gem provides. In this basic setup, when a player joins, create a networked entity for that player, and when a player leaves, remove that entity.

As is, this component serves well for prototyping. If you want to develop more specific behavior, you can build on top of this component, or implement your own handlers for the OnPlayerJoin and OnPlayerLeave events.

For more information about network player spawning, refer to Spawning Players.


Multiplayer Gem


Simple Network Player Spawner component

Player Spawnable AssetA networked asset that spawns for each player that joins the multiplayer session.Network Asset
Spawn PointsA list of one or more spawn points where a Player Spawnable Asset can spawn when a player joins. Assets spawn at the point locations in list order. If there are more players than there are spawn points, then the point location loops back to the top of this list.EntityID