Terrain World Component

The Terrain World component provides the data required for other terrain system components.

You must add this component to the Level entity, the parent of all entities in an Open 3D Engine (O3DE) level.


Terrain Gem

Terrain World Properties

Terrain World component interface.

World Bounds (min)The minimum value for the worlds bounds. The min value must be less than the max value.Vector3: -2048.0 to 2048.0X:0.0 Y:0.0 Z:0.0
World Bounds (max)The maximum value for the worlds bounds. The max value must be greater than the min value.Vector3: -2048.0 to 2048.0X:1024.0 Y:1024.0 Z:1024.0
Height Query Resolution (m)The resolution required between each height sample, in meters.Vector2: 0.001 to InfinityX:1.0 Y:1.0
Because large numbers of terrain height samples can take a long time to calculate, O3DE will not allow the number of samples to exceed 8 million.