Vegetation Asset List Combiner Component

Use the Vegetation Asset List Combiner component to group multiple vegetation asset lists. This component allows you to keep vegetation asset lists small, focused, and reusable; combine only the asset lists you need for a vegetation layer.


Vegetation Gem

Vegetation Asset List Combiner properties

Vegetation Asset List Combiner component properties

Descriptor ProvidersAn array of vegetation asset lists that will be combined by this component.Array: Vegetation Asset ListNone


Use the following request functions with the DescriptorListCombinerRequestBus EBus interface to communicate with Vegetation Asset List Combiner components in your game.

Method NameDescriptionParameterReturnScriptable
AddDescriptorEntityIdAdds an entity with a Vegetation Asset List component to an array of Descriptor Providers.EntityIdNoneYes
GetDescriptorEntityIdReturns the EntityId of a Descriptor Provider at the specified index.Descriptor Providers Index: IntegerEntityIdYes
GetNumDescriptorsReturns the number of entries in a Descriptor Providers array.NoneCount: IntegerYes
RemoveDescriptorEntityIdRemoves an entity from an array of Descriptor Providers.EntityIdNoneYes
SetDescriptorEntityIdUpdates the EntityId of an entry in an array of Descriptor Providers.Descriptor Providers Index: Integer, EntityIdNoneYes