Creating a Vegetation Layer

Creating a vegetation layer is the first and most basic step in creating your dynamic vegetation. The following procedure uses a simple workflow and assets from the Starter Game project.

To create a vegetation layer

  1. Create an entity and name it.

    In this example, the entity is named BasicCoverage.

    Create an entity and name it BasicCoverage.

  2. Add the Vegetation Layer Spawner component to your entity.

    Add the Vegetation Layer Spawner component to your entity.

    The Vegetation Layer Spawner component is the core component that initializes the engine that spawns vegetation.

  3. Click Add Required Component and choose Vegetation Reference Shape.

    Choose the Vegetation Reference Shape for your Vegetation Layer Spawner.

    The Vegetation Reference Shape has no shape on its own. You must next create a child entity and add a Shape component, which you will reference in the Vegetation Reference Shape.

  4. Right-click BasicCoverage, select Create Child Entity, and name it TestBox.

  5. Select TextBox, click Add Component, and select the Box Shape component.

  6. Adjust the size and position of the shape so that it’s large enough for your purposes and intersects with the ground.

    Adjust your shape to cover a sufficient area and intersect with the ground.

  7. Select BasicCoverage and, in the Vegetation Reference Shape component, click the target symbol and select the TestBox entity.

  8. Click Add Required Component and choose Vegetation Asset List.

    The Vegetation Asset List component defines what to plant. This is where you specify vegetation assets.

    On the Vegetation Layer Spawner, click Add Component and select Vegetation Asset List.

  9. In the Vegetation Asset List component, next to Mesh Asset, click Browse (…).

    Click Browse (…) to select a Mesh Asset.

  10. In the Search bar, enter grass and select one of the grass assets in the results.

    Click Browse (…) to select a Mesh Asset.

    You should have a uniform grassy field with the grass in a grid formation.

    After selecting your grass asset, you have a grassy field with a grid-like appearance.

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