Multiplayer Gem

Open 3D Engine ships with a Multiplayer Gem that uses the O3DE networking stack to offer services used for multiplayer projects.

For a quick introduction of the O3DE Multiplayer Gem and networking, watch the video below.

Section topics

OverviewAn overview of the O3DE Multiplayer Gem, how it works, and how to use it in your project.
Project configurationHow to enable the O3DE Multiplayer Gem in a project.
Multiplayer Auto-componentsAutomatically create components for use with the Multiplayer Gem using the AzAutoGen system.
Test Multiplayer Projects in the EditorAutomatically launch local servers or connect to a remote persistent server when working on a multiplayer project in the O3DE Editor.
Multiplayer Hierarchical EntitiesGroup network entities into hierarchies that process their input together.
Multiplayer Gem API referenceThe complete C++ API reference for the O3DE Multiplayer Gem.
The O3DE AzNetworking FrameworkDocumentation for the core networking library of O3DE.

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