Multiplayer Gem

Open 3D Engine (O3DE) ships with a Multiplayer Gem that uses the O3DE networking stack to offer services used for multiplayer projects.

The Multiplayer Gem supports entity-based asynchronous networking in O3DE using event-driven network properties and remote procedure calls to synchronize O3DE components and entities across a network.

The Multiplayer Gem supports the following:

  • Server authoritative networking model
  • Player spawners
  • Entity replication
  • Push-based synchronization
  • Event-driven network properties
  • Reliable and unreliable remote procedure calls
  • Local prediction
  • Network input handlers

For information about working with the Multiplayer Gem, refer to Multiplayer Framework in the Networking section.

Multiplayer Gem API ReferenceThe complete C++ API reference for the O3DE Multiplayer Gem.
AzNetworking FrameworkDocumentation for the core networking library of O3DE.
Tutorial: Your First Network ComponentTutorial for creating a network-enabled component.