Getting Sound Duration at Runtime

In order to get a sound’s duration at runtime, an event to play that sound needs to be posted to the audio middleware first. Once it has been posted, the middleware will callback to the audio system with the duration information. If you are interested in this information, you can simply connect to the AudioTriggerNotificationBus by the ATL trigger Id that was used.

By overriding the ReportDurationInfo function, you will be notified with that information.

C++ Example: Getting a Sound’s Duration

class MyClass
    : protected AudioTriggerNotificationBus::Handler
        TAudioControlID triggerId = ...;
        AudioTriggerNotificationBus::Handler::BusConnect(TriggerNotificationIdType{ this });
        // execute the m_triggerId ...
        if (auto audioSystem = AZ::Interface<IAudioSystem>::Get();
            audioSystem != nullptr)
            // Example 1: via raw Audio Request
            Audio::ObjectRequest::ExecuteTrigger execTrigger;
            execTrigger.m_triggerId = triggerId;
            execTrigger.m_owner = this;

            // Example 2: via AudioProxy
            IAudioProxy* proxy = audioSystem->GetAudioProxy();
            if (proxy)
                // The second parameter is the "owner" override, which matches
                // what Id is connected to on the notification bus.
                proxy->Initialize("Example Sound", this);
    void ReportDurationInfo(
        TAudioControlID triggerId,
        TAudioEventID eventId,
        float duration,
        float estimatedDuration) override
        // ...