ATL Controls Pane

The ATL Control pane has the following control types. The associated icon designates the type of control. You can customize the name of the control.

Audio Control TypeIconDescription
TriggerTrigger controlContainers that connects to events in the audio middleware. You can author events to complete actions such as play or stop sounds, mute or unmute buses, and so on. To preview a trigger, right-click and choose Execute Trigger, or press the spacebar.
RTPCRTPC controlReal-Time Parameter Control (RTPC) is a floating-point variable that is updated over time by the game logic. RTPCs connect to parameters in the audio middleware that drive and modulate sound characteristics.
SwitchSwitch controlA variable that can be in one of several states, called switch states, that the game logic can set. For example, a SurfaceType switch can have values of Rock, Sand, or Grass.
EnvironmentEnvironment controlEnvironments can be set on audio objects, which control the amount of environmental effect, such as reverb and echo.
PreloadPreload controlPreloads are connected to sound banks, which are audio files that include packaged audio data. This audio data contains both signal content and metadata.

To display a limited subset of control types

  1. In the Audio Controls Editor, click Filters.

  2. Select or clear control types.

Select or clear the control types

To add a new control

  1. Click Add.

  2. Select the type of control that you want to add.

Select the type of control you want to add