Open 3D Engine (O3DE) supports robotics simulation through a dedicated ROS 2 Gem and additional extended Gems. These Gems provide various O3DE components such as sensors, robot control and steering, manipulator arms, and support for importing robots from common formats.

OverviewOverview of Gems, Templates and demos for robotics in O3DE.
ROS 2 Project ConfigurationLearn how to configure, build and run a project with the ROS 2 Gem.
ROS 2 Concepts and StructureOverview of concepts and structure of the ROS 2 Gem, including an overview of its components.
Creating robotic simulationHigh-level steps to create a robotic simulation with O3DE.
Importing robotsLearn how to import robots using Robot Importer.
GrippersDocumentation of robotic grippers feature.
Joints ManipulationJoints manipulation, such as with robotic manipulator arms.
Troubleshooting the simulationHelpful solutions to some of the most common issues with ROS 2.
ROS 2 Gem referenceGem reference documentation for ROS 2 Gem.
Setting up CLion IDE CLion IDE project setup to support the ROS 2 Gem.
Open 3D Engine Contributor guideRead this guide if you wish to contribute to the ROS 2 Gem.