Editing Animation Data

After you create your sequence(s) and record animation data to them, you can use the Node Pane, Track Editor, and Curve Editor in the Animation Editor to modify your sequences.

  • In the Node Pane, you can add or remove UI elements from an animation sequence, edit sequences, and work with keys. For more information, see Using the Node Pane.
  • In the Track Editor, you can limit your animation preview, manipulate keys, and change your animation’s timeline. For more information, see Using the Track Editor.
  • In the Curve Editor, you can manipulate splines to change the behavior of the transitions between keys. For more information, see Using the Curve Editor in the UI Animation Editor..

You can use the toolbar to select a sequence to display and edit.

To select an animation sequence to edit

  • In Animation Editor, click the arrow next to the name of the current sequence in the toolbar to display a list of active sequences available to edit.

List of active sequences