Interactive Components

Interactive components respond to user input. For example, the user can click a button or drag a slider. You can use Lua scripts or Script Canvas graphs to link the component response to an action.

An interactive element is defined as an element that has an interactive component applied.

Section topics

Interactive component propertiesLearn about the properties that configure an interactive component’s navigation, state, and behavior.
UI ButtonAdd a button that can trigger events.
UI CheckboxAdd a checkbox that toggles.
UI Radio ButtonAdd a radio button that manages state.
UI Radio Button GroupAdd a radio button group to select an option from multiple choices.
UI SliderAdd a slider to select a value from a numerical range.
UI Text InputAdd the Text Input component to allow users to enter and edit text.
UI Scroll BarAdd vertical or horizontal scroll bars to UI elements.
UI Scroll BoxUse the Scroll Box component to scroll or drag UI elements in any direction.
UI Dynamic Scroll BoxLearn how to spawn scroll box elements dynamically at runtime.
UI DraggableCreate elements that you can drag and drop on a UI canvas.
UI Drop TargetAdd target locations to a canvas that allow UI draggable elements.
UI DropdownAdd a dropdown menu to a UI canvas.
UI Dropdown OptionLearn how to add options to a dropdown menu.