Sprite Editor

The Sprite Editor configures the following sprite configurations:

  • Border values for sliced image types
  • Sprite sheets

You open the Sprite Editor from the Image component’s properties.

To open the Sprite Editor

  1. Open the UI Editor as explained in the preceding section.

  2. Choose the ellipsis button next Sprite path and select the sprite file.

  3. To the right of Sprite path, click the arrow Open in Editor Icon icon.

To open the Sprite Editor, click the arrow button next to Sprite path.

The Sprite Editor has the following features:

Sprite Editor UI.

  • Sprite viewport - Displays sprite image.
  • Border manipulators - Sets border properties for sliced image types. To adjust the borders, drag the dotted lines, which are called manipulator positions. Changing these positions updates the corresponding Border Properties values.
  • Properties
    • Image resolution - The size of the image.
    • Alias - A short description of what the cell represents. Use this setting to improve the readability of sprite-sheet index values. You can use the same alias string for multiple sprite sheet cells.
    • Top, Bottom, Left, Right - The number of pixels from the respective edge of the image where the sliced region is situated.
  • Configure Spritesheet - Available only for sprites that are not currently configured as a sprite sheet.