Creating a Cascaded UI Slice

A cascaded slice is a slice that contains instances of other slices. Cascaded slices can store their own overrides for component and entity properties and can also contain their own entities.

When you create a cascaded slice, the UI system maintains references to the slices that are child entities. This means, for example, that you can instantiate an image slice as a parent and a text slice as a child. You can then select them both and make a cascaded slice called Button. If you then create instances of the Button slice, they all contain a reference to the image slice and the text slice. If you then push a font change to the text slice, this affects all instances of the Button slice as well as any other instances of the text slice.

To create a cascaded slice

  1. Select the root of a set of elements. The child entities within that root can be individual elements, slices, or a combination of both.

    If your root is not already in a slice, and you want to maintain child slice references, you must also select the child slices in this step. If you select only the root, only one option appears: Make New Slice from Selection. This creates a detached UI slice (flattens child references).
  2. Right-click the selection and then choose Make Cascaded Slice from Selected Slices & Entities.

  3. Save the cascaded slice with a descriptive name.

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