Bundle Game Assets in Open 3D Engine

Open 3D Engine (O3DE) provides a set of tools for intelligently bundling assets and managing your game’s product and source dependencies. Use these tools to package only the assets that your game project currently uses and to reduce your product’s overall deployment size and complexity.

Section topics

Bundling Project Assets for ReleaseWhen preparing your O3DE project for release, optimize your project assets by packaging them into asset bundles.
Resolving Missing AssetsLearn how to resolve missing assets and their dependencies.
Verifying Asset BundlesLearn about the tools and processes for managing and verifying your game project’s assets.
Tagging Asset FilesLearn how to add and support tags for your asset files.
Asset List Comparison OperationsLearn about the features of the Asset Bundler Batch tool, which you use to create and compare asset lists for delivery of your game project.
Default DependenciesLearn about default dependency files and how to edit them.
Asset Bundler Concepts and TermsLook up the concepts and terminology used in asset bundling.
Asset Bundler Command Line ReferenceBrowse the full reference for commands and options that the AssetBundlerBatch tool uses.