Troubleshooting Packaging in O3DE

This guide can help you troubleshoot and resolve some common issues that you might encounter when packaging your Open 3D Engine (O3DE) projects.

Be aware that you might come across situations unique to your project that aren’t addressed here. If you don’t find your problem covered here, try searching our forums or asking in the O3DE Discord .

If you believe your packaging problem is due to a bug in O3DE, check existing bug reports and file an issue if you can!

Looking for error logs or memory dumps? Refer to Open 3D Engine Log Files for locations.

Troubleshooting techniques

The following are techniques you can use to help you debug any issues that you may encounter while building a project for release.

Compile with optimizations disabled and debug symbols enabled

In Visual Studio, you can compile with optimizations disabled and debug symbols enabled by configuring with the CMake variable O3DE_BUILD_WITH_DEBUG_SYMBOLS_RELEASE set to ON. This lets Visual Studio’s debugging tools produce more helpful information that can help you debug.

Create a profile build

To debug a non-monolithic or monolithic build and its .pak files, you can build with the profile configuration. The profile configuration creates log files that provide information to help you debug. For information on O3DE log files, refer to Open 3D Engine Log Files.

Use CMake to invoke Visual Studio to build your project with the profile configuration.

cd C:\MyProject
cmake --build <build> --target INSTALL --config profile

Replace <build> with either of the following:

  • build\windows – For non-monolithic builds.
  • build\windows_mono – For monolithic builds.