Event Messaging Systems

Event messaging systems are core parts of Open 3D Engine (O3DE) that allow cross-system communication. When you develop systems that need to communicate with other parts of O3DE, you need to use the event messaging systems that O3DE has in place.

Section topics

OverviewAn overview of the event messaging systems in O3DE and how they compare to each other.
EBusAn overview of the Event Bus (EBus) system. EBus is a single global bus that all systems can use to invoke requests and dispatch messages, respectively known as request and notification buses.
EBuses in DepthA closer look at the technical design of EBuses and how to use them.
AZ::InterfaceA simpler alternative to EBus, AZ::Interface creates global request buses for invoking requests across systems.
AZ::EventA simpler alternative to EBus, AZ::Event publishes single-value messages, which other components can subscribe to and process using the event’s handler.