Creating Comment and Group Presets in Script Canvas

You can save custom node comment and node group settings as presets that you can conveniently reuse. In a team setting, these presets can help you create your own coloring and naming conventions to improve clarity and consistency among Script Canvas graphs.

Customizing the look of a comment or group

Before you create a preset based on an existing node comment or node group, customize its color and font by using the Background Color and Font Settings options in Node Inspector.

Using Script Canvas Node Inspector to customize node comments and node groups.

For more information, refer to Customizing Groups .

Creating and using presets

You can create a preset in the Script Canvas Editor by using an existing node group or node comment.

To create a preset from a group or comment

  1. Right-click the group or comment and choose Create Preset From. The preset that you create saves the font settings and color of the original group or comment. It does not save the display text.

    Creating a preset from an existing comment in Script Canvas.

  2. In the Set Preset Name dialog box, enter a name for the preset, and then click OK.

    Naming a comment or group preset in Script Canvas.

  3. To use the preset that you created, right-click the canvas, choose Add Comment or Group, and then choose the preset comment or group that you created.

    Choosing a preset comment

Configuring a default preset

You can define a preset as the default for either a node group or a comment. The default group or comment is created when you perform one of the following actions:

  • On the Script Canvas Editor toolbar, choose the new comment New comment icon or new group New group icon icon.
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+M to create a comment.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+G to create a group.

To configure a default preset

  1. In the Script Canvas Editor, choose Tools, Presets Editor.

  2. For Construct Type, choose Comment or Node Group.

  3. For Is Default, select the preset that you want to make the default, and then click OK.

    Setting a preset as the default in the Script Canvas Presets Editor.

Removing a preset

To remove presets, use the Script Canvas Presets Editor.

To remove a preset

  1. In the Script Canvas Editor, choose Tools, Presets Editor.

  2. For Construct Type, choose Comment or Node Group.

  3. Select the preset that you want to delete.

    Using the Presets Editor in Script Canvas to remove a comment preset.

  4. Choose Remove, and then choose OK.

Notes on presets

  • After you configure a preset, you cannot modify it. Use the Presets Editor to remove the preset. Then recreate the preset.
  • If you recreate a preset, the changes that you make do not propagate to comments or groups that you created with the earlier version of the preset.

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