Animation Editor User Interface


Opening Animation Editor

You can open the Animation Editor from O3DE Editor.

To open the Animation Editor

  • From O3DE Editor, choose Tools, Animation Editor.

View the user interface for the Animation Editor in O3DE Editor.

On the Animation Editor, you can do the following:

  1. From the menu bar, you can do the following:

    • Open actor files.
    • Open, create, and save your workspaces.
    • Select and deselect actor instances.
    • Change the layout view of the editor.
    • Display or hide menus for the Animation Editor.
  2. View your character in the perspective window.

  3. Anim Graph - View and edit your animation graph to define your character’s behavior.

  4. Anim Graph Palette - Drag and drop nodes into the animation graph grid.

  5. Anim Graphs Navigation - View the hierarchy of your nodes.

  6. Parameters - View, add, edit, or delete parameters for the animation graph.

  7. Attributes - View, add, edit, or delete attributes for the selected node in the animation graph.

  8. Resource Management - Add, load, save, and delete animation graphs.

  9. Recorder - View what triggers the recording and manage the playback options.

  10. Time View - View recorded debug information and edit event tracks of the selected motion.

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