Reusing Vegetation in Multiple Areas

After you create your vegetation entity, you can designate your customized vegetation to appear in another area. You do this by referencing another shape. For example, if you created a forest patch that includes the vegetation assets and arrangement for your level, you can create another entity with a different shape and reference this new shape for your vegetation. With this feature, you can reuse your vegetation in different areas of your level without creating a separate vegetation entity each time.

To reuse vegetation in a new area

  1. In the Entity Inspector, select the BasicCoverage entity.

  2. Right-click the entity, choose Create child entity, and name it Cylinder(PlacementTest).

  3. Click Add Component and select the Cylinder Shape component.

  4. Select the Cylinder(PlacementTest) entity and move it away from the vegetation area.

    Multiple reference shapes for vegetation areas.

  5. Select the BasicCoverage entity.

  6. On the Vegetation Reference Shape component, for Shape Entity Id, specify the Cylinder(PlacementTest) entity.

    Specify different shapes for the Vegetation Reference Shape component.

    Example: The vegetation appears in the cylinder instead of the box shape.

    Switch the reference shape for the vegetation to appear.