Open 3D Engine AzFramework API Reference 23.10.0
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AzFramework::Application Class Reference

Inherits AZ::ComponentApplication, AZ::UserSettingsFileLocatorBus::Handler, and ApplicationRequests::Bus::Handler.


class  Implementation

Public Member Functions

 AZ_RTTI (Application, "{0BD2388B-F435-461C-9C84-D0A96CAF32E4}", AZ::ComponentApplication)
 AZ_CLASS_ALLOCATOR (Application, AZ::SystemAllocator)
 Application (int *argc, char ***argv)
 recommended: supply &argc and &argv from void main(...) here.
 Application ()
 for backward compatibility. If you call this, GetArgC and GetArgV will return nullptr.
virtual void Start (const Descriptor &descriptor, const StartupParameters &startupParameters=StartupParameters())
virtual void Stop ()
void Tick () override
AZ::ComponentTypeList GetRequiredSystemComponents () const override
void CreateStaticModules (AZStd::vector< AZ::Module * > &outModules) override
void ResolveEnginePath (AZStd::string &engineRelativePath) const override
void CalculateBranchTokenForEngineRoot (AZStd::string &token) const override
bool IsEditorModeFeedbackEnabled () const override
bool IsPrefabSystemEnabled () const override
bool ArePrefabWipFeaturesEnabled () const override
void SetPrefabSystemEnabled (bool enable) override
bool IsPrefabSystemForLevelsEnabled () const override
bool ShouldAssertForLegacySlicesUsage () const override
const CommandLine * GetCommandLine () override
const CommandLine * GetApplicationCommandLine () override
void MakePathRootRelative (AZStd::string &fullPath) override
void MakePathAssetRootRelative (AZStd::string &fullPath) override
void MakePathRelative (AZStd::string &fullPath, const char *rootPath) override
void NormalizePath (AZStd::string &path) override
void NormalizePathKeepCase (AZStd::string &path) override
void PumpSystemEventLoopOnce () override
void PumpSystemEventLoopUntilEmpty () override
void PumpSystemEventLoopWhileDoingWorkInNewThread (const AZStd::chrono::milliseconds &eventPumpFrequency, const AZStd::function< void()> &workForNewThread, const char *newThreadName) override
void RunMainLoop () override
void ExitMainLoop () override
bool WasExitMainLoopRequested () override
void TerminateOnError (int errorCode) override
AZ::Uuid GetComponentTypeId (const AZ::EntityId &entityId, const AZ::ComponentId &componentId) override

Static Public Member Functions

static void Exit (int errorCode)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void StartCommon (AZ::Entity *systemEntity)
void SetFileIOAliases ()
void RegisterCoreComponents () override
void Reflect (AZ::ReflectContext *context) override
AZStd::string ResolveFilePath (AZ::u32 providerId) override
AZ::Component * EnsureComponentAdded (AZ::Entity *systemEntity, const AZ::Uuid &typeId)
template<typename ComponentType >
AZ::Component * EnsureComponentAdded (AZ::Entity *systemEntity)
virtual const char * GetCurrentConfigurationName () const
void CreateReflectionManager () override

Protected Attributes

AZ::StringFunc::Path::FixedString m_configFilePath
AZStd::unique_ptr< AZ::IO::LocalFileIOm_directFileIO
AZStd::unique_ptr< AZ::IO::FileIOBase > m_archiveFileIO

‍The Direct file IO instance is a LocalFileIO.

AZStd::unique_ptr< AZ::IO::Archivem_archive

‍The Default file IO instance is a ArchiveFileIO.

AZStd::unique_ptr< Implementationm_pimpl

‍The AZ::IO::Instance

AZStd::unique_ptr< AZ::NativeUI::NativeUIRequests > m_nativeUI
AZStd::unique_ptr< AZ::InstancePoolManager > m_poolManager
bool m_ownsConsole = false
bool m_exitMainLoopRequested = false

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Application()

AzFramework::Application::Application ( int *  argc,
char ***  argv 

recommended: supply &argc and &argv from void main(...) here.

You can pass your command line parameters from main here so that they are thus available in GetCommandLine later, and can be retrieved. see notes in GetArgC() and GetArgV() for details about the arguments.

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetFileIOAliases()

void AzFramework::Application::SetFileIOAliases ( )

set the LocalFileIO and ArchiveFileIO instances file aliases if the FileIOBase environment variable is pointing to the instances owned by the application

◆ Start()

virtual void AzFramework::Application::Start ( const Descriptor &  descriptor,
const StartupParameters &  startupParameters = StartupParameters() 

Executes the AZ:ComponentApplication::Create method and initializes Application constructs. Uses a variant to maintain backwards compatibility with both the Start(const Descriptor& descriptor, const StartupParamters&) and the Start(const char* descriptorFile, const StaartupParameters&) overloads

◆ StartCommon()

virtual void AzFramework::Application::StartCommon ( AZ::Entity *  systemEntity)

Called by Start method. Override to add custom startup logic.

◆ Stop()

virtual void AzFramework::Application::Stop ( )

Executes AZ::ComponentApplication::Destroy, and shuts down Application specific constructs.

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