Open 3D Engine AzQtComponents API Reference 23.10.0
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Open 3D Engine AzQtComponents API Reference

Using this library, UI developers can build their own tools and extensions for Open 3D Engine, while maintaining a coherent and standardized UI experience. This custom library provides new and extended widgets, and includes a set of styles and user interaction patterns that are applied on top of the Qt framework - the C++ library that Open 3D Engine relies on for its UI. The library can be extended to support your own customizations and modifications.

With this UI 2.0 API reference guide, we're working towards offering a full and comprehensive API refernce for all tools developers that are extending Open 3D Engine. The API reference is intended for C++ programmers building tools. For UX designers looking to understand the best patterns and practices when making a tool to comfortably integrate with the Open 3D Engine editor, see the Tools UI Developer's Guide.