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AZ::RHI::FrameAttachment Class Reference

#include <FrameAttachment.h>

Inherited by AZ::RHI::BufferFrameAttachment, and AZ::RHI::ImageFrameAttachment.

Public Member Functions

 AZ_RTTI (FrameAttachment, "{F35548B3-4B2C-478C-9ED9-759CAEAE2729}")
const AttachmentId & GetId () const
 Returns the attachment id.
ResourceGetResource ()
 Returns the resource associated with this frame attachment.
const ResourceGetResource () const
AttachmentLifetimeType GetLifetimeType () const
 Returns the attachment lifetime type.
const ScopeAttachmentGetFirstScopeAttachment () const
 Returns the first scope attachment in the linked list.
ScopeAttachmentGetFirstScopeAttachment ()
const ScopeAttachmentGetLastScopeAttachment () const
 Returns the last scope attachment in the linked list.
ScopeAttachmentGetLastScopeAttachment ()
ScopeGetFirstScope () const
ScopeGetLastScope () const
HardwareQueueClassMask GetUsedQueueMask () const
 Returns the mask of all the hardware queues that this attachment is used on.
HardwareQueueClassMask GetSupportedQueueMask () const
 Returns the mask of all the hardware queues that this attachment is supported on.
void SetResource (Ptr< Resource > resource)
 [Internal] Assigns the resource. This may only be done once.

Protected Member Functions

 FrameAttachment (const AttachmentId &attachmentId, HardwareQueueClassMask supportedQueueMask, AttachmentLifetimeType lifetimeType)
 FrameAttachment (const FrameAttachment &)=delete
 FrameAttachment (FrameAttachment &&)=delete


class FrameGraphAttachmentDatabase
class FrameGraphCompiler

Detailed Description

FrameAttachment is the base class for all attachments stored in the frame graph. Attachments are "attached" to scopes via ScopeAttachment instances. These scope attachments form a linked list from the first to last scope. FrameAttachments are associated with a unique AttachmentId.

FrameAttachments are rebuilt every frame, and are created through the FrameGraph.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetFirstScope()

Scope * AZ::RHI::FrameAttachment::GetFirstScope ( ) const

Returns the first / last scope associated with the lifetime of this attachment. The guarantee is that the attachment is not used by any scope with index prior to GetFirstScope or any scope with index after GetLastScope. It does not, however, guarantee that the attachment is actually used by either scope. The scope attachment list must be traversed to determine usage.

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