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AZ::RHI::QueryPoolDescriptor Class Reference

#include <QueryPoolDescriptor.h>

Inherits AZ::RHI::ResourcePoolDescriptor.

Public Member Functions

 AZ_RTTI (QueryPoolDescriptor, "{770C9C44-8E5D-4A23-87A4-2308CD2C5162}", ResourcePoolDescriptor)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AZ::RHI::ResourcePoolDescriptor
 AZ_RTTI (ResourcePoolDescriptor, "{C4B9BF83-B171-4DB9-93D6-0879C7CEF5C2}")
 AZ_CLASS_ALLOCATOR (ResourcePoolDescriptor, SystemAllocator)

Static Public Member Functions

static void Reflect (AZ::ReflectContext *context)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AZ::RHI::ResourcePoolDescriptor
static void Reflect (AZ::ReflectContext *context)

Public Attributes

uint32_t m_queriesCount = 0
QueryType m_type = QueryType::Occlusion
PipelineStatisticsFlags m_pipelineStatisticsMask = PipelineStatisticsFlags::None
 Mask of pipeline statistics that the pool will collect. Only valid for the QueryType::PipelineStatistics type.
- Public Attributes inherited from AZ::RHI::ResourcePoolDescriptor
AZ::u64 m_budgetInBytes = 0

Detailed Description

Descriptor for the QueryPool RHI type. Contains the type and count when initializing a query pool.

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