Open 3D Engine Atom Gem API Reference 23.10.0
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AZ::RHI::SwapChainDescriptor Class Reference

Inherits AZ::RHI::ResourcePoolDescriptor.

Public Member Functions

 AZ_RTTI (SwapChainDescriptor, "{214C7DD0-C380-45B6-8021-FD0C43CF5C05}", ResourcePoolDescriptor)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AZ::RHI::ResourcePoolDescriptor
 AZ_RTTI (ResourcePoolDescriptor, "{C4B9BF83-B171-4DB9-93D6-0879C7CEF5C2}")
 AZ_CLASS_ALLOCATOR (ResourcePoolDescriptor, SystemAllocator)

Static Public Member Functions

static void Reflect (AZ::ReflectContext *context)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AZ::RHI::ResourcePoolDescriptor
static void Reflect (AZ::ReflectContext *context)

Public Attributes

SwapChainDimensions m_dimensions
uint32_t m_verticalSyncInterval = 0
WindowHandle m_window
RHI::AttachmentId m_attachmentId
bool m_isXrSwapChain = false
uint32_t m_xrSwapChainIndex = 0
Scaling m_scalingMode = RHI::Scaling::None
- Public Attributes inherited from AZ::RHI::ResourcePoolDescriptor
AZ::u64 m_budgetInBytes = 0

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