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AZ::RPI::AttachmentImage Class Referencefinal

#include <AttachmentImage.h>

Inherits AZ::RPI::Image.

Public Member Functions

 AZ_INSTANCE_DATA (AttachmentImage, "{85691099-5143-4C11-88B0-897DA9064FDF}", Image)
 AZ_CLASS_ALLOCATOR (AttachmentImage, AZ::SystemAllocator)
const RHI::AttachmentId & GetAttachmentId () const
 Return an unique id which can be used as an attachment id in frame graph attachment database.
- Public Member Functions inherited from AZ::RPI::Image
 AZ_INSTANCE_DATA (Image, "{4E4B1092-1BEE-4DC4-BE4B-8FBC83B0F48C}")
 AZ_CLASS_ALLOCATOR (Image, AZ::SystemAllocator)
bool IsInitialized () const
 Returns whether Image is currently initialized.
RHI::ImageGetRHIImage ()
 Returns the mutable GPU image instance initialized at asset load time.
const RHI::ImageGetRHIImage () const
 Returns the immutable GPU image instance initialized at asset load time.
const RHI::ImageViewGetImageView () const
 Returns the default image view instance, mapping the full (resident) image.
const RHI::ImageDescriptorGetDescriptor () const
 Returns the image descriptor which contains some image information.
uint16_t GetMipLevelCount ()
 Returns the number of mip levels of this image.
virtual RHI::ResultCode UpdateImageContents (const RHI::ImageUpdateRequest &request)
 Updates content of a single sub-resource in the image from the CPU.

Static Public Member Functions

static Data::Instance< AttachmentImageFindOrCreate (const Data::Asset< AttachmentImageAsset > &imageAsset)
 Instantiates or returns an existing image instance using its paired asset.
static Data::Instance< AttachmentImageCreate (const AttachmentImagePool &imagePool, const RHI::ImageDescriptor &imageDescriptor, const Name &imageName, const RHI::ClearValue *optimizedClearValue=nullptr, const RHI::ImageViewDescriptor *imageViewDescriptor=nullptr)
static Data::Instance< AttachmentImageCreate (const CreateAttachmentImageRequest &createImageRequest)
 Creates an AttachmentImage.
static Data::Instance< AttachmentImageFindByUniqueName (const Name &uniqueAttachmentName)
 Finds an AttachmentImage by an unique attachment name.


class ImageSystem

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from AZ::RPI::Image
RHI::Ptr< RHI::Imagem_image
RHI::Ptr< RHI::ImageViewm_imageView

Detailed Description

AttachmentImage is intended for use, primarily, as an attachment on a pass. Image data can be produced by the GPU or uploaded directly from CPU data. Use this class to represent color / depth stencil targets, read-write images, etc.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Create()

static Data::Instance< AttachmentImage > AZ::RPI::AttachmentImage::Create ( const AttachmentImagePool imagePool,
const RHI::ImageDescriptor imageDescriptor,
const Name &  imageName,
const RHI::ClearValue optimizedClearValue = nullptr,
const RHI::ImageViewDescriptor imageViewDescriptor = nullptr 

Creates an AttachmentImage

imagePoolThe attachment image pool which the AttachmentImage is created from
imageDescriptorThe ImageDescriptor for this AttachmentImage
imageNameThe name of this image. It will be used as RHI object name (for gpu debug).
optimizedClearValue(Optional) set the default clear value for this image
imageViewDescriptor(Optional) The imageViewDescriptor for this image which overides the default ImageViewDescriptor.

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