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AZ::RPI::PassFactory Class Referencefinal

#include <PassFactory.h>

Public Member Functions

 AZ_CLASS_ALLOCATOR (PassFactory, SystemAllocator)
void Init (PassLibrary *passLibrary)
 Initializes the PassFactory and adds core PassCreators to the PassFactory.
void Shutdown ()
void AddPassCreator (Name passClassName, PassCreator createFunction)
 Registers a PassCreator with the PassFactory.
Ptr< PassCreatePassFromClass (Name passClassName, Name passName)
 Creates a Pass using the name of the Pass class.
Ptr< PassCreatePassFromTemplate (const AZStd::shared_ptr< const PassTemplate > &passTemplate, Name passName)
 Creates a Pass using a PassTemplate.
Ptr< PassCreatePassFromTemplate (Name templateName, Name passName)
 Creates a Pass using the name of a PassTemplate.
Ptr< PassCreatePassFromRequest (const PassRequest *passRequest)
 Creates a Pass using a PassRequest.
bool HasCreatorForClass (Name passClassName)
 Returns true if the factory has a creator for a given pass class name.


class PassTests

Detailed Description

The PassFactory is responsible for creating passes throughout the RPI. It exposes functions for creating passes using either a Pass Name, a PassTemplate, a PassTemplate Name, or a PassRequest. To register a new pass type with the PassFactory, write a static create method for your pass class and register it with the PassFactory using the AddPassCreator function.

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