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AZ::RPI::SwapChainPass Class Referencefinal

#include <SwapChainPass.h>

Inherits AZ::RPI::ParentPass, and AzFramework::WindowNotificationBus::Handler.

Public Member Functions

 AZ_RTTI (SwapChainPass, "{551AD61F-8603-4998-A7D1-226F03022295}", ParentPass)
 AZ_CLASS_ALLOCATOR (SwapChainPass, SystemAllocator)
 SwapChainPass (const PassDescriptor &descriptor, const WindowContext *windowContext, const ViewType viewType)
Ptr< ParentPassRecreate () const override
const RHI::ScissorGetScissor () const
const RHI::ViewportGetViewport () const
void ReadbackSwapChain (AZStd::shared_ptr< AttachmentReadback > readback)
AzFramework::NativeWindowHandle GetWindowHandle () const
RHI::Format GetSwapChainFormat () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from AZ::RPI::ParentPass
 AZ_RTTI (ParentPass, "{0801AD74-85A8-4895-A5E5-C500AEE535A6}", Pass)
 AZ_CLASS_ALLOCATOR (ParentPass, SystemAllocator)
virtual Ptr< ParentPassRecreate () const
void GetPipelineViewTags (PipelineViewTags &outTags) const override
 Recursively collects all different view tags from this pass's children.
void GetViewDrawListInfo (RHI::DrawListMask &outDrawListMask, PassesByDrawList &outPassesByDrawList, const PipelineViewTag &viewTag) const override
 Recursively searches children for given viewTag, and collects their DrawListTags in outDrawListMask.
void SetRenderPipeline (RenderPipeline *pipeline) override
 Set render pipeline this pass belongs to recursively.
Ptr< PassAttachmentGetOwnedAttachment (const Name &attachmentName) const
 Return owning attachment.
void AddChild (const Ptr< Pass > &child, bool skipStateCheckWhenRunningTests=false)
 Adds pass to list of children. NOTE: skipStateCheckWhenRunningTests is only used to support manual adding of passing in unit tests, do not use this variable otherwise.
bool InsertChild (const Ptr< Pass > &child, ChildPassIndex position)
bool InsertChild (const Ptr< Pass > &child, uint32_t index)
void OnChildAdded (const Ptr< Pass > &child)
 Called when a pass is added as a child pass to this parent.
ChildPassIndex FindChildPassIndex (const Name &passName) const
 Searches for a child pass with the given name. Returns the child's index if found, null index otherwise.
Ptr< PassFindChildPass (const Name &passName) const
 Find a child pass with a matching name and returns it. Return nullptr if none found.
template<typename PassType >
Ptr< PassType > FindChildPass () const
AZStd::span< const Ptr< Pass > > GetChildren () const
 Gets the list of children. Useful for validating hierarchies.
const PassFindPass (RHI::DrawListTag drawListTag) const
 Searches the tree for the first pass that uses the given DrawListTag.
void SetTimestampQueryEnabled (bool enable) override
 Recursively set all the Timestamp queries enabled for all its children.
void SetPipelineStatisticsQueryEnabled (bool enable) override
 Recursively set all the PipelineStatistics queries enabled for all its children.
void Validate (PassValidationResults &validationResults) override
void DebugPrint () const override
 Prints the pass and all of it's children.
- Public Member Functions inherited from AZ::RPI::Pass
 AZ_RTTI (Pass, "{EA34FF66-631D-433B-B449-71F5647E7BB5}", AZStd::intrusive_base)
 AZ_CLASS_ALLOCATOR (Pass, SystemAllocator)
const Name & GetName () const
 Returns the name of the pass (example: Bloom)
const Name & GetPathName () const
 Return the path name of the pass (example: Root.SwapChain.Bloom)
uint32_t GetTreeDepth () const
 Returns the depth of this pass in the tree hierarchy (Root depth is 0)
uint32_t GetParentChildIndex () const
 Returns the index in the parent's array of children that this pass occupies (used for sorting passes)
uint32_t GetInputCount () const
 Returns the number of input attachment bindings.
uint32_t GetInputOutputCount () const
 Returns the number of input/output attachment bindings.
uint32_t GetOutputCount () const
 Returns the number of output attachment bindings.
const PassTemplateGetPassTemplate () const
void SetEnabled (bool enabled)
virtual bool IsEnabled () const
bool HasDrawListTag () const
bool HasPipelineViewTag () const
bool BindViewSrg () const
PassAttachmentBindingFindAttachmentBinding (const Name &slotName)
PassAttachmentBindingListView GetAttachmentBindings () const
 Return the set of attachment bindings.
ParentPassAsParent ()
 Casts the pass to a parent pass if valid, else returns nullptr.
const ParentPassAsParent () const
bool IsRootPass () const
 Returns whether the pass is the root pass.
PassTreeGetPassTree () const
 Returns the PassTree from the pass's RenderPipeline (or nullptr if there isn't one)
void QueueForBuildAndInitialization ()
 Queues the pass to have Build() and Initialize() called by the PassSystem on frame update.
void QueueForRemoval ()
 Queues the pass to have RemoveFromParent() called by the PassSystem on frame update.
void QueueForInitialization ()
 Queues the pass to have Initialize() called by the PassSystem on frame update.
void AddAttachmentBinding (PassAttachmentBinding attachmentBinding)
 Adds an attachment binding to the list of this Pass' attachment bindings.
PassAttachmentBindingGetInputBinding (uint32_t index)
PassAttachmentBindingGetInputOutputBinding (uint32_t index)
PassAttachmentBindingGetOutputBinding (uint32_t index)
void AttachBufferToSlot (AZStd::string_view slot, Data::Instance< Buffer > buffer)
void AttachBufferToSlot (const Name &slot, Data::Instance< Buffer > buffer)
void AttachImageToSlot (const Name &slot, Data::Instance< AttachmentImage > image)
virtual void GetPipelineViewTags (PipelineViewTags &outTags) const
 Collect all different view tags from this pass.
virtual void GetViewDrawListInfo (RHI::DrawListMask &outDrawListMask, PassesByDrawList &outPassesByDrawList, const PipelineViewTag &viewTag) const
 Adds this pass' DrawListTags to the outDrawListMask.
virtual RHI::DrawListTag GetDrawListTag () const
 Check if the pass has a DrawListTag. Pass' DrawListTag can be used to filter draw items.
virtual void SortDrawList (RHI::DrawList &drawList) const
 Function used by views to sort draw lists. Can be overridden so passes can provide custom sort functionality.
virtual const PipelineViewTag & GetPipelineViewTag () const
 Check if the pass is associated to a view. If pass has a pipeline view tag, the rpi view assigned to this view tag will have pass's draw list tag.
virtual void SetRenderPipeline (RenderPipeline *pipeline)
 Set render pipeline this pass belongs to.
RenderPipelineGetRenderPipeline () const
SceneGetScene () const
virtual void Validate (PassValidationResults &validationResults)
virtual void DebugPrint () const
 Prints the pass.
TimestampResult GetLatestTimestampResult () const
 Return the latest Timestamp result of this pass.
PipelineStatisticsResult GetLatestPipelineStatisticsResult () const
 Return the latest PipelineStatistic result of this pass.
virtual void SetTimestampQueryEnabled (bool enable)
 Enables/Disables Timestamp queries for this pass.
virtual void SetPipelineStatisticsQueryEnabled (bool enable)
 Enables/Disables PipelineStatistics queries for this pass.
bool ReadbackAttachment (AZStd::shared_ptr< AttachmentReadback > readback, uint32_t readbackIndex, const Name &slotName, PassAttachmentReadbackOption option=PassAttachmentReadbackOption::Output, const RHI::ImageSubresourceRange *mipsRange=nullptr)
bool IsTimestampQueryEnabled () const
 Returns whether the Timestamp queries is enabled/disabled for this pass.
bool IsPipelineStatisticsQueryEnabled () const
 Returns whether the PipelineStatistics queries is enabled/disabled for this pass.
void PrintIndent (AZStd::string &stringOutput, uint32_t indent) const
 Helper function to print spaces to indent the pass.
void PrintPassName (AZStd::string &stringOutput, uint32_t indent=0) const
 Prints the name of the pass.
void DebugPrintBinding (AZStd::string &stringOutput, const PassAttachmentBinding &binding) const
 Prints the attachment binding at the given index.
void DebugPrintBindingAndConnection (AZStd::string &stringOutput, uint8_t bindingIndex) const
 Prints the attachment binding at the given index and its connection.
void PrintErrors () const
 Prints the pass name and all the errors accumulated during build and setup.
void PrintWarnings () const
 Prints the pass name and all the warnings accumulated during build and setup.
void PrintMessages (const AZStd::vector< AZStd::string > &messages) const
 Helper function to print an array of messages (like errors or warnings) for a pass.
void PrintBindingsWithoutAttachments (uint32_t slotTypeMask) const
 Prints the pass and all the list of inputs and input/outputs that are missing an attachment.
ParentPassGetParent () const
 Returns pointer to the parent pass.
PassState GetPassState () const
void UpdateConnectedBindings ()
void UpdateConnectedInputBindings ()
void UpdateConnectedOutputBindings ()

Protected Member Functions

void OnResolutionChanged (uint32_t width, uint32_t height) override
void OnWindowResized (uint32_t width, uint32_t height) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AZ::RPI::ParentPass
 ParentPass (const PassDescriptor &descriptor)
void CreateChildPasses ()
void RemoveChild (Ptr< Pass > pass)
void RemoveChildren (bool calledFromDestructor=false)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AZ::RPI::Pass
 Pass (const PassDescriptor &descriptor)
PassDescriptor GetPassDescriptor () const
void ImportAttachments (RHI::FrameGraphAttachmentInterface attachmentDatabase)
Ptr< PassFindAdjacentPass (const Name &passName)
const PassAttachmentBindingFindAttachmentBinding (const Name &slotName) const
Ptr< PassAttachmentFindOwnedAttachment (const Name &attachmentName) const
Ptr< PassAttachmentFindAttachment (const Name &slotName) const
const PassAttachmentBindingFindAdjacentBinding (const PassAttachmentRef &attachmentRef, const char *attachmentSourceTypeDebugName="attachment")
void ProcessConnection (const PassConnection &connection, uint32_t slotTypeMask=0xFFFFFFFF)
void LogError (AZStd::string &&message)
void LogWarning (AZStd::string &&message)
void Reset ()
void Build (bool calledFromPassSystem=false)
void Initialize ()
void OnInitializationFinished ()
void FrameBegin (FramePrepareParams params)
void FrameEnd ()
void UpdateReadbackAttachment (FramePrepareParams params, bool beforeAddScopes)
void UpdateAttachmentCopy (FramePrepareParams params)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from AZ::RPI::ParentPass
using ChildPassIndex = RHI::Handle< uint32_t, class ChildPass >
- Public Types inherited from AZ::RPI::Pass
using ChildPassIndex = RHI::Handle< uint32_t, class ChildPass >
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AZ::RPI::ParentPass
static Ptr< ParentPassCreate (const PassDescriptor &descriptor)
 Creates a new pass without a PassTemplate.
- Protected Attributes inherited from AZ::RPI::ParentPass
AZStd::vector< Ptr< Pass > > m_children
- Protected Attributes inherited from AZ::RPI::Pass
const Name PassNameThis {"This"}
const Name PassNameParent {"Parent"}
const Name PipelineKeyword {"Pipeline"}
const Name PipelineGlobalKeyword {"PipelineGlobal"}
AZStd::fixed_vector< PassAttachmentBinding, PassAttachmentBindingCountMax > m_attachmentBindings
AZStd::vector< Ptr< PassAttachment > > m_ownedAttachments
AZStd::vector< Pass * > m_executeBeforePasses
AZStd::vector< Pass * > m_executeAfterPasses
RenderPipelinem_pipeline = nullptr
AZStd::shared_ptr< const PassTemplatem_template = nullptr
PassRequest m_request
ParentPassm_parent = nullptr
PipelineViewTag m_viewTag
struct {
   union {
      struct {
         uint64_t   m_createdByPassRequest: 1
         uint64_t   m_enabled: 1
         uint64_t   m_parentEnabled: 1
         uint64_t   m_alreadyCreatedChildren: 1
         uint64_t   m_createChildren: 1
         uint64_t   m_partOfHierarchy: 1
         uint64_t   m_hasDrawListTag: 1
         uint64_t   m_bindViewSrg: 1
         uint64_t   m_timestampQueryEnabled: 1
         uint64_t   m_pipelineStatisticsQueryEnabled: 1
         uint64_t   m_isPipelineRoot: 1
         uint64_t   m_containsGlobalReference: 1
      uint64_t   m_allFlags = 0
AZStd::vector< AZStd::string > m_errorMessages
AZStd::vector< AZStd::string > m_warningMessages
uint32_t m_errors = 0
uint32_t m_warnings = 0
RHI::DrawListSortType m_drawListSortType = RHI::DrawListSortType::KeyThenDepth
AZStd::shared_ptr< AttachmentReadbackm_attachmentReadback
PassAttachmentReadbackOption m_readbackOption
AZStd::weak_ptr< ImageAttachmentCopym_attachmentCopy
AZStd::shared_ptr< PassDatam_passData = nullptr
 Optional data used during pass initialization.
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from AZ::RPI::Pass
static const size_t MessageLogLimit = 256

Detailed Description

SwapChainPass is the root pass for a render pipeline which outputs to a swapchain. It creates a swapchain attachment and uses it for the PipelineOutput binding of the RenderPipeline Restrictions:

  • The pass template should have a slot name "PipelineOutput"
  • To support explicit render resolution ( swapchain has different size than the render pipeline's resolution), the pass template should have a pass request which creates the "CopyToSwapChain" pass

Member Function Documentation

◆ Recreate()

Ptr< ParentPass > AZ::RPI::SwapChainPass::Recreate ( ) const

Creates a new parent pass reusing the same parameters used to create this pass This is used in scenarios like hot reloading where some of the templates in the pass library might have changed.

Reimplemented from AZ::RPI::ParentPass.

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