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AZ::StableDynamicArrayWeakHandle< ValueType > Class Template Reference

#include <StableDynamicArray.h>

Public Member Functions

bool IsValid () const
 Returns true if this Handle currently holds a valid value.
bool IsNull () const
 Returns true if this Handle doesn't contain a value (same as !IsValid()).
ValueType & operator* () const
ValueType * operator-> () const
bool operator== (const StableDynamicArrayWeakHandle< ValueType > &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const StableDynamicArrayWeakHandle< ValueType > &rhs) const
bool operator< (const StableDynamicArrayWeakHandle< ValueType > &rhs) const


template<typename T >
class StableDynamicArrayHandle

Detailed Description

template<typename ValueType>
class AZ::StableDynamicArrayWeakHandle< ValueType >

A weak reference to the data allocated in the array. It can be copied, and will not auto-release the data when it goes out of scope. There is no guarantee that a weak handle is not dangling, so it should only be used in cases where it is known that the owning handle has not gone out of scope. This could potentially be augmented in the future to have a salt/generationId that could be used to determine if it is a dangling reference.

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