Open 3D Engine Atom Gem API Reference 23.10.0
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AZ::DdsFile Class Referencefinal


struct  DdsFailure
struct  DdsFileData

Public Member Functions

void SetSize (RHI::Size size)
RHI::Size GetSize ()
void SetFormat (RHI::Format format)
RHI::Format GetFormat ()
void SetAsCubemap ()
void SetAsVolumeTexture ()
void SetMipLevels (uint32_t mipLevels)
uint32_t GetMipLevels ()
AZ::Outcome< void, DdsFile::DdsFailureWriteHeaderToStream (AZ::IO::GenericStream &stream)

Static Public Member Functions

static AZ::Outcome< void, DdsFailureWriteFile (const AZStd::string &filePath, const DdsFileData &ddsFiledata)
static bool DoesSupportFormat (RHI::Format format)

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