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AZ::RHI::PoolMemoryUsage Struct Reference

#include <MemoryUsage.h>

Public Member Functions

 PoolMemoryUsage (const PoolMemoryUsage &)=default
PoolMemoryUsageoperator= (const PoolMemoryUsage &)=default
HeapMemoryUsageGetHeapMemoryUsage (HeapMemoryLevel memoryType)
const HeapMemoryUsageGetHeapMemoryUsage (HeapMemoryLevel memoryType) const

Public Attributes

AZStd::array< HeapMemoryUsage, HeapMemoryLevelCount > m_memoryUsagePerLevel
 The memory heap usages of this pool for each level in the hierarchy.
HeapMemoryTransfer m_transferPull
 Tracks data pulled (via a DMA controller) from host memory to device memory.
HeapMemoryTransfer m_transferPush
 Tracks data pushed (via a DMA controller) from device memory to host memory.

Detailed Description

Describes memory usage metrics of a resource pool. Resource pools can associate with a single device memory heap (i.e. a single GPU) and the host memory heap. Certain pools on specific platforms may not require one or the other. In this case, the memory usage / budget will report empty values for that heap type.

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