Open 3D Engine Atom Gem API Reference 23.10.0
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AZ::RHI::FrameGraphExecuteContext Class Reference

#include <FrameGraphExecuteContext.h>


struct  Descriptor

Public Member Functions

 FrameGraphExecuteContext (const Descriptor &descriptor)
const ScopeId & GetScopeId () const
 Returns the scope id associated with this context.
uint32_t GetCommandListIndex () const
 Returns the index of the command list in the batch.
uint32_t GetCommandListCount () const
 Returns the total number of command lists in the batch.
CommandListGetCommandList () const
 Returns the command list associated with the index in the batch.
const CommandList::SubmitRangeGetSubmitRange () const
 Returns the submit range for this context.
void SetCommandList (CommandList &commandList)

Detailed Description

FrameGraphExecuteContext provides a scope-local context for accessing a command list. FrameGraphExecuteContext maps to a single scope and to a single command list. In cases where a scope has been partitioned into N command lists (which is common for platforms which support multi-threaded submission), a scope will map to N execute contexts, where each context is a command list in the batch. Since commands are ordered, each context provides the index of the command list in the batch, as well as the total number of command lists in the batch.

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetCommandList()

void AZ::RHI::FrameGraphExecuteContext::SetCommandList ( CommandList commandList)

Allows setting a command list after initialization (e.g. BeginContextInternal). This is useful if it is preferred to defer command list creation until the context or group begins.

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